Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anyday Cinnamon Rolls

IMG_1467 I think I have found the easiest and quite possibly the healthiest cinnamon rolls that I know of. They are so easy that you could make them everyday if you wanted to. I've even made a bunch and froze them. Twenty seconds in the microwave and you have a warm cinnamon roll for breakfast. My family loves them and me for making them :) The dough is just flour, yeast, salt...that's it. No eggs, no butter or oil. Fat-free! The only fat I used was just enough melted smart-balance margarine in making up the cinnamon and sugar filling.

How is it that they are so easy? Well, I use the master bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book. Here's the link to Zoe and Jeff's blog that shows you how to make the cinnamon rolls. I don't use the brioche dough and I use a simple icing of milk (skim), confectionery sugar and vanilla. I make the peasant bread version substituting 2 cups of whole wheat flour for some of the all purpose flour.You can even make them up the night before and let them rest in the fridge overnight and bake them in the morning.

IMG_1466 I also have been making sandwich rolls using the same recipe. I have been freezing the rolls and making up sandwiches with the frozen rolls and then by lunch time it is all thawed out and you have a sandwich on a fresh roll. Delicious. Enjoy :)

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