Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Töltött Káposzta or Stuffed Cabbage

Töltött Káposzta is the Hungarian name for stuffed cabbage. My father, whose parents were both from Hungary, taught my mother how to make stuffed cabbage. I'm not sure how authenic the recipe is with Campbell's tomato soup as one of the ingredients, but the important thing is that these cabbage rolls are delicious. My father passed away when I was just 5 months old, so when I make his recipe I feel like it is a tribute to the father I never really got to know!

1 extra large head of cabbage

2 pounds very lean ground beef
3 large cloves of garlic chopped fine
1 large onion chopped
1/2 cup water
rounded 1/2 cup of uncooked rice

1 package of sauerfraut ( I like the kind packaged in a plastic bag)
1 can of Campbell's Tomato soup

Boil water in a large stainless steel (non reactive) kettle or pot half full. Once the water is boiling add the whole head of cabbage, which has had the core cut out. As the leaves soften remove leaves one at a time and put aside. You may have to return the cabbage to the boiling water repeatedly.

Prepare the stuffing by mixing together the rest of the ingredients except for the sauerkraut and tomato soup.

To stuff a leaf remove the rib on the back side of the leaf and then spoon some of the stuffing on top. The amount of stuffing depends on the size of the leaf. Roll leaf tucking in the sides to make a nice package. Push in on the sides of the roll to secure.

Place rolls inside the same large pot you boiled the cabbage in, with a thin layer of sauerkraut and tomato soup. Layer and repeat leaving the last layer as sauerkraut and tomato soup.

Cook about 1/2 hour until very hot, then simmer 2 -3 hours. Refrigerate once cool. These taste even better the older they are.
Enjoy :)


Jeanne said...

I love stuffed cabage, but I've never made them...I might have to try!

Kelly Holt ~ Columbus, GA said...

My father was the third child of Hungarian immigrants and my Grandmother also taught my mother how to cook "Hungarian"! I have made a version of this recipe and it looks the same on the plate. My husband, who is a Heinz 57, LOVES this dish. Now I know the official Hungarian name - Thanks! I'm sorry for your early loss, I lost my dad in 2004 at the ripe age of 70.

Anonymous said...

◙ I love stuffed cabbage and have made it before. This version sounds really authentic so I'm going to try them your way for a real flavor hit! ◙

Andrea Pramuk said...

Your recipe is VERY similar to mine, handed down from my Hungarian grandmother, the only exception being she use beef shank (with salt only) to make the broth the cabbages are cooked in. Also, some of the broth is reserved to make 'macha' or a gravy of sorts, using flour and onions with some of the broth to thicken and pour over the mix :-)

Andrea Pramuk said...

Also, not tomato soup, but just straight tomato sauce. Pretty much the same thing :-)