Friday, January 19, 2007

Weathertop Farm's Chewy Almond-Cherry Bar's

I found this recipe for Chewy Almond-Cherry Bars on Rohanknitter's blog Weathertop Farm. These bars are delicious! If you like almond'll like these even better! Thanks, Rohanknitter, for postng the recipe!

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Rohanknitter said...

Aren't they good!!?? I'm glad you gave them a try.
I highly recommend the dough enhancer if you like to make wheat bread. The kind of wheat I use is part of it, but a friend who just buys regular wheat flour from GFS started using the enhancer and she said it makes a big difference.
Guess where I learned to make bread like that - at a homeschool convention! My husband wanted to go to a bread making workshop because he figured there would be free samples!
Great idea to start a recipe blog!