Monday, December 17, 2007


Yesterday I made the first of many different types of Christmas cookies for our family's Christmas...a double batch of pizzelles. A little package of pizelles makes wonderful gift. My recipe comes from my Villaware Pizzelle iron instruction book, but I found a website that has the same recipe. The only thing I do differently is that I use 2 tsp. of anise extract. If you don't like anise, you can just use vanilla. We love the anise flavored cookies and I must say it certainly makes my house smell good. Next on the docket is chocolate chip cookies and gingersnaps, which I have written about previously on my blog.

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tfr said...

Good Morning...I have made pizzelles for a Christmas cookie swap with friends for years, but have never ventured beyond the pamphlet that came with the iron. I would love to make ginger (gingerbread taste) prizzelles for next year's cookie swap to go with the gingerbread plates I have purchased to give to my friends.